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Don’t get too far into your kitchen planning without thinking about your appliances. Are you going to simply replace or reuse what you have? If anything is even possibly to be replaced, now is the time to think about it. Sometimes replacing appliances is what it takes to get the best layout and function.


Most retail appliance stores display basic free standing ranges and refrigerators. You may need to look further to find out about slide-in or drop-in ranges, or shallower depth refrigerators that don’t stick out so far into your kitchen. Should you consider built-in appliances? There are dishwashers now that have a larger tub than previously—holding more and greatly improving the look of the appliance. Some new dishwashers can be secured to the cabinets on each side instead of fastening to the countertop—a great advantage if you will be having granite or quartz countertops. Most appliances are more energy efficient and quieter than previous models—but don’t forget to inquire.


Don’t buy a microwave cabinet

If you are not going to use an over-the-range microwave, consider a new microwave that fits the new cabinets better. Most wall cabinets built with a shelf or opening for a microwave are fairly deep cabinets that come closer to your counter—causing the loss of effective counter space. Also, these cabinets could cost more than a new, space and energy efficient microwave.


Light up your kitchen

Good lighting is essential to a well designed functional kitchen. Most kitchens are grossly under lit. Recessed lighting is one of the best ways to light a kitchen because light can be spread out to all work areas. It can take 8 to 12 recessed lights to adequately light most kitchens, otherwise there can be dark spots. Undercabinet lighting is another great idea to fully light your workspace. Good kitchen planning should include a good lighting plan, not just a few lights added as an afterthought. You may want to consider the new digital dimmers and room controls to get the best use of your new lighting. Many of our clients have commented that the new lighting is one of their favorite features of the new kitchen.


Think about ventilation for cooking

If ventilation of cooking odors and grease are concerns of yours, you will need to incorporate a good hood or a downdraft cooktop or range. It seems most existing kitchens today do not have vented hoods. A good hood will have adequate air flow, a quiet motor and good lighting. A downdraft cooking appliance will usually supply very adequate ventilation. Properly venting a hood or downdraft appliance involves planning how to run the proper size ductwork to the outside with the fewest turns and finishing with a good wall cap with a damper.


Plan your flooring

What you will do with the floor needs to be considered at the time you plan your new kitchen. The cabinets should be installed in coordination with your new or future floor.


Some floors like ceramic tile or hardwood should be installed before the cabinets. If that is not possible or practical (like prefinished hardwood), the cabinets should be raised to accommodate the new floor, otherwise your counters and appliances may not be the same height.


If the new floor is to be vinyl or laminate, the flooring should be installed after the new kitchen is installed—these are not usually thick enough floors to affect the height of the cabinets/appliances. Also, since vinyl and laminate are easier to damage, it would be best not to have the construction and installation work take place over your new floor.




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