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6 Types of Companies that can Help with Your Kitchen Remodeling




Kitchen Dealer

This is a specialty retailer that displays kitchen products like cabinets, counter tops, appliances, etc. If the dealer installs complete kitchens, this is one of the most qualified types of supplier and contractor. Usually the best qualified designers work for these and other specialty companies. These designers know their products thoroughly and should be familiar with the whole installation process.

Any dealer that does not do the remodeling, even if they refer the installation to "qualified" remodelers, will not be able to put together a complete project for you. If you do not have one person or company in charge of all aspects, there will always be gray area as to who is responsible for some detail and mistakes and oversights are more likely to occur. A dealer or store that does not install is usually only interested in selling cabinets and counter tops, possibly along with appliances, bowls, faucets, etc.

Most dealers will only work with products that they sell. A full service dealer can seem to cost more, but they will usually carry only better grade products and they will plan the project thoroughly making sure not to leave out any details that may be important to you. A quality company will be more interested in the best solution rather that the cheapest one.

The best of these companies are likely to belong to NKBA.


Kitchen Specialist / Contractor

These are kitchen designers that specialize in kitchen projects from design through installation. These are also usually among the best qualified designers and contractors. Usually this specialist will not have a full showroom, but will have samples for some products that could be brought to your home. They may also work with dealers or outlets that they suggest for you to make your product selections or can work with any products or suppliers you may specify.

The best of these specialists will be capable of providing top notch kitchen design as well as being a direct source for your major products like cabinets and counters, direct from the factory. This eliminates having to deal with third party suppliers, always a potential point of confusion, and offers some cost savings to you. A specialty contractor is interested in doing a complete and thorough project down to the last detail.

The cost should be a little less than retail dealers because the overhead will be lower without a showroom but service will usually be top notch. A specialist who really knows the business will usually only recommend quality products and will also be interested in the best solutions.

The best of these companies are likely to belong to NKBA.


Independent Designers

There are specialists that design kitchens and specify products, sometimes supplying cabinets and counter tops. Some of these designers are exceptionally qualified to design high end kitchens and any other areas of your home. Typically, these specialty designers will not be involved directly in any remodeling or construction work. Most have contractors that they recommend or may be recommended by contractors.

There is inevitably room for error and miscommunication when more parties are involved. A designer that is not involved in the construction process can more easily make errors or miss opportunities than a designer whose company provides installation and construction.


Cabinet Outlets, Builder Suppliers

The focus of these companies is selling cabinets and countertops. Most sell to builders and projects, but will also sell to remodelers and homeowners. Most are not involved with or familiar with all aspects of remodeling and construction.

Like home centers, these companies have a reputation for low prices. In such a competitive environment, ways to hold the price down include eliminating or cutting down on details like molding or options or designing a layout for low price instead of best function and use of space.

These companies usually sell products that are moderate to high quality, most have contractors that they can recommend.


Home Center

Home centers seem to be popular for kitchens. Most home centers will subcontract the installation of their products, although they are not usually interested in remodeling or construction. Home centers are very large retailers and will not be able to offer the service or attention that a smaller company can.

Some designers at home centers may be qualified, but they are mainly involved in cabinetry and tops and possibly will help with  bowls, faucets, etc. They are not usually familiar with installation issues. The majority of home center projects are fairly straightforward replacement type remodeling and most of these are do-it-yourself or done by a contractor that the buyer has contracted with.

Buying from a home center is definitely not a good idea for everyone. It takes a certain tolerance and willingness to get involved. Your salesperson may work varying hours and may be hard to reach. There may not be others in the department to help with problems or untangle any confusion. A busy designer who is not involved in the installation can easily overlook details. The outside installation companies can only work with the plans and details that are given to them. Deliveries can be hard to schedule.

Any remodeling project needs a central coordinator that the specifications, questions and details run through. When you purchase from a home center, that central person is usually you. For someone who knows what they want and has the confidence that they can work out any details or problems that come up, a home center can be a good choice. Home centers are open the widest range of hours.

Most home centers handle moderate to medium quality products. Home centers have the reputation for having low prices, however any dealer, outlet or specialist who purchases products like cabinets directly from the factory can easily compete. When any details that were not included up front are added in, costs will be more than originally proposed.


General Remodeler

There probably isn't a remodeling company around that doesn't claim to do kitchens. But do they really know the details? Will they expose you to new ideas or products that could improve the project or will they be interested only in what is convenient for them? Who will oversee the project and take responsibility for helping assure that you only get quality products?

A remodeling company should be able to do a good job of installing cabinetry, counter tops, plumbing, electric, etc. If the project is very straightforward and the details are spelled out, a good general remodeler can be a good choice. If the contractor is not a specialist, the buyer could be responsible for all specifications and design questions and coordinating suppliers.

A contractor who is not a specialist may not recognize a design error or may install something other than how it was intended. Costs can vary, depending on the qualifications of the contractor and the materials specified and the amount of work required.




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