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Collect your ideas

Look at magazines, pay attention to friends and neighbors’ kitchens. Look at the details. Make notes of things you like and things you don’t like. Make notes of what you like and dislike about your present kitchen. Make a list of things you would like to think about including in your new kitchen.


Pick up cabinet brochures. Most large cabinet manufacturers have brochures that show off what can be done with their product line. Pay attention to the details like moldings and decorative panels—it is the details that can really improve any project.


Remove your soffits

Do you presently have soffits above your wall cabinets? Consider removing them if it looks like they are not hiding something important inside. Soffits were usually put in for aesthetic reasons—they were the style for a time. But now they are definitely out of style. Most kitchens feel larger with soffits removed.


Sometimes there can be plumbing, heating or electric items hidden in the soffit. If new cabinets are installed short of the ceiling and built-up molding is installed from the cabinets to the ceiling, potential items in the soffit can remain or may need only moderate modification. This treatment also gives the best appearance.


If soffits are to remain— consider installing molding below and at the edge of the soffit. This can really reduce the impact of the soffit if the soffit layout allows.


Build in your refrigerator

The high-end built-in refrigerators look great and provide the best in refrigeration. If you are not going to consider a true built-in model, consider a cabinet depth model to conserve floor space. Cabinet depth models can usually be enclosed by cabinetry to give the built-in look. Most refrigerators now can be surrounded by cabinets to provide a built-in look—even the deeper models. Surrounding the refrigerator with cabinetry really reduces the visual impact of the refrigerator, not to mention that you can actually reach the cabinet over the refrigerator.


Consider changing the layout

Simply changing the cabinets and counters in the same configuration may be a missed opportunity for greater function and storage. Sometimes moving the sink or appliance locations can produce dramatically improved results. Don’t change the layout for the sake of change alone, but consider it if the benefits are sufficient. Minor moving of a sink or appliance is usually not enough to break the budget.


Consider a good water filter

Now is a great time to incorporate a good water filter into your kitchen plans. Healthy, clean, good tasting water can be at your sink and your refrigerator—all from one well designed installation. Clean water is in such demand, many companies are incorporating filters in refrigerators, faucets, etc. Many people buy bottled water. Most retail store or home center filters and the refrigerator or faucet filters are not particularly effective. Bottled water can be inconvenient and costly. You would be better advised to get a good quality dedicated water filter mounted under your sink to supply water to your sink, refrigerator, hot water dispenser, etc. Did you know the best water filters, both under sink and whole house models, are made in Cincinnati?




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