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Imagine a great new kitchen that fits your Lifestyle

Now imagine the whole process is as hassle-free and convenient as possible one company to guide you through the whole process.


We cannot do all of the kitchens that need to be remodeled, or even all of the ones that we look at. We are looking for customers that share our way of thinking and want the kind of project that we are the best at providing.


Calling us for a consultation visit starts the process.

A visit to your home is the next step. Of course we will take detailed measurements and survey your home for all of the information regarding details that could affect your project.


We begin discussing your project with you thoroughly and carefully developing a sufficient flow of ideas to insure that you are exposed to various design possibilities. Sometimes ideas can be generated at the time of measure. Mostly, at this time, we want to know your likes and dislikes about the current kitchen and what you would most like to accomplish, if you could. Do you have a look or style that you may want to incorporate into your new kitchen? Do you have any priorities of the features that you would like to include in your kitchen project?


We believe in listening to a customer to try to understand what the real objectives are for the new kitchen. We try to help prioritize features, options and construction ideas according to customer preferences and budget. We feel it is part of our job to help assure that the finished project reflects the specific goals of each customer and hopefully exceeds the original expectations.


After the consultation and measurements are completed, work on design ideas can begin and preliminary pricing can be determined to provide a starting point for your project. Designs and details usually evolve to fit customer preferences and budget.


As designs are presented and modified to get the best result, we can begin the pricing process to formulate a budget. We usually price various ranges of cabinets, for instance, to show a range of style and quality/price that helps show what various selections may cost. Preliminary pricing is also assembled for various counter top possibilities, as well as allowances for all other items, like bowls, faucets, lighting, cabinet hardware, etc. and, of course, installation and construction.


Now your project can be put together. By adding the costs of various selections, your total budget can be put together. You can see what changing cabinet selections, for instance, will do to the bottom line.


We have samples of cabinets, finishes, counters and hardware that we can bring to your home to be seen in your environment. We want you to see how things look at your house and how they go with the your other rooms and furnishings.


See our cabinet offerings here: Cabinets


Installation and construction are coordinated with the same detail and attention as the planning process. Most of the work to be done will be done by our own employees, with some subcontractors for specialized trades, like electrical, etc. We supervise each job closely, with the designer visiting each job every day. Questions and issues to be resolved are to be expected in remodeling. The best way to insure the best results is to stay on top of any issue that may come up. We work closely with each customer to make sure there are no surprises in the finished project.



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